Art in the company

For companies and commercial real estate

Already Charles Eames realized:
"... the quality of the connections is the key to quality itself".

Design and layout are valuable components of a sustainable corporate culture. This includes the equipment with products of international design classics of the 50s to 80s from the collections inter alia by Vitra, USM-Haller and Knoll international - and abstract art, unique by the painter Rolf Hans from this time.

Through our art consultancy at the intersection of architecture, corporate culture and design, we integrate the adequate art from this epoch of modernity.

Classics oft the modern age

The oeuvre of the painter Rolf Hans exemplifies the innovations of these decades, which have established themselves as modern classics in design.

From the abstract pictures of different phases of the work of the artist Rolf Hans we create exhibitions and art equipment for private and commercial spaces, also in coordination with the interior design.